Former WWE Diva Mickie James Mentions Beth in Latest Interview
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WWE.COM: What do you remember most about your time in WWE?

MICKIE: That moment when I knew I made it. I had worked so hard for so long and I really wanted this so badly, that by the time WrestleMania [22] came, I was standing there with Trish [Stratus] and the crowd was insane. My mom’s in the front row at WrestleMania, I’m winning my first championship, I’m in there with the greatest Diva of our generation, if not one of the greatest of all time … it all really set the bar for me, really set who I was going to be within the company. The feeling that I had, if I could bottle that up and share it with the world … I can’t even explain it. Just that realization of the culmination of everything coming to life, that was the moment where I really knew I made it.

But I had so many wonderful experiences [at WWE]. WrestleMania was one of my greatest matches in my career. Then there was being able to wrestle Trish in her last match on Raw in Madison Square Garden, being able to work with Lita before she retired … those were such huge honors for me because they were the girls that I looked up to. I didn’t want to be Trish Stratus, I didn’t want to be Lita, but I wanted to be on their level and to be seen in people’s eyes at that level.

I also loved my matches with Beth Phoenix. I felt like we had such amazing chemistry to a point where we knew each other so well and could just go out there, enjoy it, relish in the moment and love every second of what we were doing. It’s hard to get that comfortable with somebody.

Another storyline that has had different opinions from a lot of people was that whole “Piggy James” thing, one of my last big storylines on the way out. I think it was very memorable in a lot of people’s eyes, and it kind of brought bullying to the forefront because it is such a major issue. It was our way of really addressing it front and center. I felt like it was a really magical thing because it took all of us and our mixed feelings and opinions about the whole thing to make it magical, including Vickie [Guerrero]. Michelle [McCool], Layla and myself. I really felt like we did something special there, and whether the fans loved it or hated it, they remembered it.

WWE Names Most Intimidating Divas Ever
» Posted on: November 6th, 2013 by Corrin | Filed In Gallery Update | Leave a Comment (0) has a new gallery up on their website showcasing some of WWE’s most intimidating Divas ever! With Tamina’s most recent outburst of intimidation it was only a matter of time until WWE showcased some of the most famous Divas. Of course, our Glamazon Beth Phoenix made the gallery showing some of her most epic moments in WWE intimidating her competition. Check out the gallery to enjoy the photo!

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Former WWE Diva Eve Torres Names Match with Beth Phoenix Favorite Match
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WWE.COM: You accomplished a great deal in WWE. Do you have a favorite match?

EVE: I’d say my Survivor Series [2011] match with Beth Phoenix was my favorite.

WWE.COM: When you took a Glam Slam off the top rope?

EVE: That was the one! [Laughs] It was a really emotional match where you go to the back and say, “Oh my gosh.” It was magic out there. Sometimes you experience magic out in the ring. It was a turning point in my career, and I got to share it with one of my greatest friends, Beth. That one always stands out in my mind.

Kaitlyn Mentions Beth in Interview with Chad Dukes Wrestling Show
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While discussing possible dream opponents, Kaitlyn gives thanks to a former diva whom she’d like to face again some day if she ever returned.

“I had a couple of chances to work Beth before she retired, she helped me a lot in my career when I first started because I’d be on TV with no experience. There’s a lot of girls that helped me out along the way, AJ was one of them. I had always really, really wanted a chance to have a feud with her because we were such great friends for a long time and she taught me so much early on in my career and helped me through a lot of stuff. So that would be like a dream come true and hopefully the Chickbusters can reunite one day.”

To listen and read more from Kaitlyn’s interview you can view it at

WWE Magazine Celebrates Two Decades of Divas
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WWE magazine is celebrating the Divas turning 20 years old! And for that they have another new gallery up with a few photos of the current and past Divas who have made an impact in the wrestling world as a Diva. Beth was featured in the gallery and we even got a unreleased shot from her Hollywood Glamour photoshoot!

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WWE Highlights Every Diva Ever
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On they have a brand new gallery up showing off photos of every Diva that has ever been with the company. In my opinion this is one of the best galleries every. It really shows you all the girls who have come and gone and some we may have forgotten and other we’ll never forget. Of course Beth was in the gallery (no one will ever forget Beth) and they have a stunning photo up for her. It has been added to the gallery and I’ve even added the link to for you all to enjoy the gallery of memories.

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Divas Championship Turns 5 Years Old
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WWE has a big birthday this week, and we don’t just mean Heath Slater: The Divas Championship is officially five years old.

Conceived half a decade ago as a SmackDown alternate to the Women’s Championship on Raw, the butterfly title has come to symbolize a unique facet of WWE in that it represents an entire division instead of one part of the roster. Its dazzling butterfly plating seems as ingrained in WWE’s history as the WWE Championship spinner was, and even in its brief existence, the Divas Title has already amassed an impressive legacy.

Alicia Fox summed up the general feeling of the anniversary when she said “that went fast” to this week, but the Divas division’s feelings on the title run much deeper than that as a whole. To every woman who has held it, the title represents a different side of the Divas’ uniqueness, and depending on how long a Diva’s tenure in WWE has been, the championship can hold a very different meaning.

“For me, it was obviously an honor and a privilege to be the Divas Champion, because you represent the body of the women we have right now on the roster,” said Kaitlyn, who carried the title for five months before losing it to AJ Lee at WWE Payback. “For me, [winning the title] was kind of a full-circle moment because I debuted on TV with maybe four weeks of experience. I had my first match on live TV and I grew as an entertainer and a person in front of the WWE Universe over three years.”She added, “I felt like I earned it and lived up to what it meant.”

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