Beth Phoenix on DDP Radios
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Beth Phoenix on Monday Night Mayhem
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Former three-time WWE Women’s Champion and former WWE Divas Champion, “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix, was the featured guest on this week’s edition of the award-winning Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh & “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent. Take part in #MNM11, the eleven-year anniversary celebration of “Your Home of Wrestling Radio” right now on Facebook (at &, and follow The Mayhem on Twitter (at

The former WWE Diva joined The Big Mosh & “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent for her highly-anticipated MNM return, which is now available for download on the Wrestleview Radio Network:

Beth Phoenix/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MP3 Streaming Audio):

Interview highlights courtesy of‘s Aaron Carnevale, MNM’s National Correspondent:

Why she believes that the time was right for her to retire from the WWE: “I entered a different season in my life. I’m 32. I started wrestling when I was 19 years old, and I spent my entire adult life on the road chasing this dream, and I loved it. I absolutely loved everything I did with WWE, and I had a wonderful career with them. It’s time to check other things and experience other parts of life that you can’t when you’re ‘married to the business,’ and that’s literally what you have to do to be successful. I did so much in the way of my dream, and I certainly left no stone unturned. To chase other dreams, I kind of had to make that really tough decision to move on to the next phase of my life.”

Her favorite matches and favorite moment in her WWE career: “My favorite match would be a tie, with my match with Nattie (her last televised WWE match in her hometown of Buffalo on the September 28th edition of SmackDown) and my match with Candice at Unforgiven (2007), which was my first match for the WWE Divas Championship. My favorite moment would probably be my entrance in the Royal Rumble. It’s no secret that I’ve been influenced by Chyna. Her moment in the Royal Rumble was groundbreaking, and to be able to be the next girl to do was mind-blowing. I don’t think my heart was beating the whole time I was in the ring.”

Her thoughts on the current state of women’s wrestling and why she believes “right now is the best time to be a WWE Diva”: “Wrestling goes through seasons. Some things become trends for a while or other things become a trend or the style. When women’s wrestling got really hot, it was in a mature era where the girls could be more sexual and then be tough at the same time., so there was a lot of attention on it. It’s hard to call attention to something when you don’t have the same tools that you did. It takes a while to condition people to a different product, as opposed to what they’re used to seeing. I think right now is the best time to be a Diva. What it is about is finding out what they don’t and making yourself a commodity in that area. I think eventually you will see the standouts come to the forefront.”

Whether or not she sees a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction becoming a reality for her some day: “I think there is a long, long line of ladies and gentlemen for that matter that needs to go in there long before I’m even on the radar. It would be amazing. Would I be thrilled and would it be the most amazing thank you anyone can get? It would be amazing, but it’s not something I need in my life to feel like my career had ended or anything. I don’t need to get that awesome recognition, because I had so many great moments while I was there.”

Much more is contained in Beth Phoenix’s exclusive interview with Monday Night Mayhem, including her candid thoughts on what is she planning on doing while she is away from the business, why she would be interested in being the one selected to induct Trish Stratus into the WWE Hall of Fame, what WrestleMania means to her, why the rumored program with Kharma never materialized in the WWE, her memories of working with Santino Marella,how Molly Holly helped get her first break into the industry, why she always wears the heart of Buffalo on her sleeve wherever she goes, her reaction to being chosen as the first inductee into the Monday Night Mayhem Hall of Fame’s “Class of 2013,” plus so much more! Follow “The Glamazon” right now on Twitter (at Mayhem Nation: Please do your part to donate to the Ryan and Karen English fund (located at:, a charity near and dear to Beth’s heart. Karen and Ryan were tragically killed in a head-on auto accident on Friday March 1st in Millerton, PA. Miraculously, their three boys (3, 9, and 12 survived). Log on to to donate what you can to help this family in their time of tremendous need, as 100% of the donations will go for the sole benefit of the children.

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Interview: Beth Phoenix Talks Divas Division with Arda Ocal
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The stage, it seemed, was set. As announced just days earlier, Beth Phoenix was to collide with newly minted Divas Champion Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules, where The Glamazon was determined to reclaim the butterfly-emblazoned title despite a debilitating ankle sprain. Even though Beth chose to fight through the pain on April 29 in Chicago’s Allstate Arena, though, she would learn that evening that she was not medically cleared to compete.

“I was in a state of shock,” a frustrated Beth told in a phone interview from her home in Buffalo, N.Y. “I’d been told I would be allowed to compete regardless of the injury, but I guess when the doctor’s report came back it was a different story. It doesn’t matter. This is a road I’ve been down before. But I would have competed hurt – I’ve done that before too.”

Beth is no stranger to injury curtailing her dominance in the ring. In May 2010, she suffered an ACL tear that would keep her out of the ring for nearly seven months. Coincidentally, it was a similar injury last May that sidelined Layla, who stepped in for the hobbled Phoenix at Extreme Rules and captured Nikki’s Divas Title. Although the WWE Universe welcomed the English-born beauty back to WWE with open arms after her yearlong absence, Phoenix reacted to Layla’s triumph with clenched fists and gritted teeth when she learned about what transpired later that night.

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Interview with The Sun: WWE Stars are Ready to Rumble in Ontario
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Superstars from the WWE will make their triumphant return to the Citizens Business Bank Arena at 7:30 p.m. Saturday for an action-packed live show at the Ontario venue.

Scheduled to appear at the event are current WWE Champion CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella and current Divas Champion Beth Phoenix – also known as “The Glamazon.”

Fresh off her win against Tamina Snuka this past Sunday at The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Phoenix is ready for her scheduled match-up against former Divas Champion, Eve.

Since joining the WWE in 2006, Phoenix has become a fierce competitor in the squared circle, earning her place among her peers – both male and female – by holding the WWE Women’s Championship three times, appearing in the February 2009 issue of Flex Magazine and becoming one of only three women to compete in the otherwise all-male Royal Rumble.

Outside of the ring, Phoenix has become an inspiration and an idol to fans of the WWE, a title she holds close to her heart.

“My most important goal is to provide an example to both men and women,” she said. “You don’t have to fit a certain model in life … or a certain weight. I made it on elbow grease. And its important for me to bring that message to others – be unique.”

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WWE Diva Beth Phoenix continues to dominate the ring in professional wrestling. But fans can now play with her in THQ’s WWE 12 videogame. Born in 1980, Elizabeth Kocianski is known to millions of wrestling fans as the Glamazon, and more recently, one of the Divas of Doom with Natalya. When she’s not wrestling in front of millions of adoring fans, Carolan is one of the few WWE Divas who actually spends her free time gaming. She carries here PSP on the road with her. The 5’7” beauty talks about her own gaming background and how far the WWE games have come in this exclusive interview.

What video game consoles did you have growing up?
Growing up I started with Commodore 64 and I has like this old, old system, I can’t remember the name of it, but it came with a game called Pipes. Then I had the next step up, which was the standard Nintendo. I had the regular Nintendo, and I had a ridiculous amount of games for it. Then I got a Sega Genesis. I skipped N64, but I got it later when I was older. I got Game Cube first, then N64 after that actually. Then I got the regular Playstation, then PS2, and then a Wii. I missed PS3, and I don’t have an Xbox yet, but that is my progression through games.

Back on the old Commodore 64 did you play around with trying to make your own games?
I was very young when I had access to that, so I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to make my own stuff. It was on a computer and my brother and me, we just played the games. They were very simplistic, so they were very easy to figure out. I was pretty young at the time, I don’t want to say how young.

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With her mix of beauty and brawn, WWE divas champion Beth Phoenix takes seriously her status as a role model for women.

This is why the blonde powerhouse teamed with fellow female grappler Natalya in establishing the ‘Pin-Up Strong’ movement.

Phoenix is a big fan of classic Hollywood glam and takes a classy approach to looking great.

“I think that in combination with living a healthy lifestyle and really presenting a good role model for women is kind of what ‘Pin-Up Strong’ encompasses,” Phoenix explained. “It’s basically just words that I wanted to put out there for young women to identify themselves with. I wanted to show them that women of all shapes and sizes can be beautiful and powerful and set a good, classy example. You can find more out of your life, find success and be classy at the same time.”

The Glamazon believes these attributes can be found in the diverse roster of WWE divas. All smart, sexy and powerful in their own ways.

“If you look at us, there is every shape and size, color, creed and hairstyle you can imagine,” Phoenix said. “Everybody brings a different type of beauty to the table. Natalya and I of course put ourselves at the front of the line. We have the new diva Kharma, who is a voluptuous woman and brings a fearsome type of beauty. We have Eve [Torres] and Kelly Kelly, so we have all shapes and sizes. I think when you look at the WWE divas, there is definitely not just the aesthetic and attractive standpoint, but everybody has something to offer.

“Eve Torres has an engineering degree. She is a trainer for Women’s Empowered at the Gracie jiu-jitsu school. Each girl has something incredible to offer. I kind of coin the term ‘Pin-Up Strong’ to encourage women to find themselves and find beauty in a classy way and put themselves out there at any shape or size.”

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Who is “The Glamazon”
Name: Elizabeth Kocianski
AKA: Beth Phoenix
DOB: November 24th, 1980
WWE Debut: May 8th, 2006
Final Match: October 29th, 2012
Birthplace: Elmira, NY
Resides: Syracuse, NY
Mini Bio: Beth Phoenix is a womens wrestler best known for her days in the WWE as a Diva. Beth started wresting in high school where she was the first female varsity wrestler in her high school's history. Her first match professionally was again Alexis Laree aka Mickie James. Beth was called to WWE's training facility in May of 2004. Beth made it to WWE's Raw roster in May 2006 until she broke her jaw and was out for 14 months before retuning to Raw in July 2007. She finished her career as a 3x Women's Champion & 1x Divas Champion in the WWE. She was also the first Diva to compete in a "I Quit," & Tables match.
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